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Read BEFORE You Buy

BUYERS BEWARE!! Read on before you buy...I recently ordered a Nook Color from the B & N website. I then decided against it and attempted to cancel my order, which the website showed was still an option. I then received a "sorry we can't cancel your order" email, and the nightmare had begun.
I received the Nook and promptly sought to return it. I visited the customer service website, which informed me that I could either ship the Nook back or take it to a B & N store to return for a refund. My husband then made a 45-minute trip to our nearest store to be told he would receive store credit only.
I then contacted B &'s customer service team (although how anyone could ever call what those people do SERVICE I will never know) and explained that my order should have been cancelled, and since I had been misinformed by the website as well, I felt I should not be responsible for return shipping. I requested a return label and an RMA number to resolve the situation. Thus, I embarked upon over 3 hours of telephone time with a total of 7 different people in different departments (8 if you count the email attempt at resolution I made, only to receive a form letter response that did not address any of my concerns). I was LIED to by 2 individuals, one in customer service and one in digital support, who both told me that I could expect the label in my email (in fact, the customer service rep told me "I guarantee it"). After receiving an email containing an RMA and mailing instructions only, I called back for another 30-minute hold and be transferred round to finally reach a supervisor who told me that a label COULD NOT BE GENERATED. She offered me (get this) A GIFT if I EVER plan on doing business with this horrible company again!
People beware--don't order from this company unless you know you are keeping the merchandise. Don't rely on their website for information--it is NOT ACCURATE. I now have to spend even more time and money on this fiasco and trek to my local UPS store to boot. What a waste of time, money and energy.
I wanted to share this to maybe spare someone else the agony, since apparently B & refuses to spare me.

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Re: Read BEFORE You Buy

I must say you have a low threshold for agony? It might be more helpful if you explained in what ways the web site information was not accurate? For example if merchandise is unpacked store credit is a fair response. Such returns can no longer be sold except labeled as returns or refurbished? The website clearly states nooks restrictions if opened. I know you are frustrated and certainly there are retailers with more generous policies, and some who are worse, such as those who charge restocking fees. Based on the drama quotient it appears that this post was a get even rant, not an attempt to help others. If so that says more about you than BN.
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Re: Read BEFORE You Buy

I am sorry to hear that you are having problems. If what you say is true, I would call my credit card company and dispute the charge. Tell them not to pay BN. You have options. Try to focus and get the results that you want by asking for help. People in my experiences have been far more helpful when I ask for their help rather then complaining about it. Start with happy holidays, I am hoping you can help me with a problem I have....

Good luck 

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Re: Read BEFORE You Buy


Why? Why? I don't get why you would purchase a product and want to return it before you even received it. It defies all logic. Do you buy things and change your mind often? Did you research the product? Did you go to a B n N and try the product? Or was this just a stupid impulse purchase? I am going to say it was an impulse buy. You buy a nook and you don't want it. Now B n N loses money and can't sell this product as new. Then you tie up customer service all day and your mad at B n N.