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Read Comics on NC?

A lot of folks are talking about reading digital comics on their NC & new NT's.  How do I read a CBR or CBZ file on my NC?  Heard some talk about certain formats being supported in the 1.4 update.  Any and all thoughts and advise will be most appreciated.


BTW..this is my 1st post after lurking and reading here for about a year now. :smileyhappy:

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Re: Read Comics on NC?

As far as I know (a non-rooted) NC cannot currently read CBR or CBZ files.  CBZ support is listed for the coming update.  Several people say they have converted CBZ and CBR files to PDF or EPUB formats, with mixed results.

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Re: Read Comics on NC?

If the implementation is anything like PDF in the native reader, I'd pass. I use my NC for comics extensively, but I've replaced the stock OS with CyanogenMod 7, and view CBR and CBZ in Perfect Viewer, which I find very flexible and a fluid, immersive experience.


If you're interested in those kinds of modifications but think it might be beyond you, read over the "Options" link in my sig, then take a look at the SD Install guide, which won't affect your stock OS. Chances are, it's simpler than you think.

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Re: Read Comics on NC?


Perfect Viewer is what I once used....but I encourage you to check out Comicat (Don't confuse with's COMICAT).  Not only does it have a great comic viewer, but (as the "cat" part suggests) a great cataloging feature that lets you organize the comics and see, not just generic icons, but the actual comic-book covers on your catalog page. 

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Re: Read Comics on NC?

CBZ files will be part of the 1.4 upgrade that is forth coming. CBR is unknown as far as I have heard. Right now, however, you can convert both file formats to Epub through Calibre and side load into the NC. It's very easy and they read great with no loss to the pages at all. The only thing is that you can't pinch and zoom and you have to organize the books yourself.


It's an option you can use until the firmware update comes out. Who knows, maybe a comic reader will be available at that point