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Replacement Power Cord

Hey Everybody.

I was one of the NC junkies who's cord broke and I call BN.  Thank goodness for these blogs because I knew what to instruct the person to send me the correct cord.  The service was great.  Got the cord in 4 business days.  My NC charges just fine from the AC/DC adapter  Now, here comes the problem....when I insert the USB into my computer, the computer does not recognize the NC.  When I dive deeper into the device manager I can see that all USB are working fine AND the NC shows up as being plugged into two ports, not one.  I've rebooted both and still no luck.  I've been e-mailing tech support but have gotten no place as of yet.  I want to download some picture over before I leave on vacation.  Can anyone help me out?:smileysad:


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Re: Replacement Power Cord

I responded with a solution that worked for me on the Replacement Power Cord post in the NookColor Technical forum.. 


I think you just need to wake up your nookcolor by sliding the green n across the initial screen.  The Nookcolor should display the USB mode window and your computer should change over the drives as being available.  After this it doesn't matter if the NookColor's sleep mode turns on the nookcolor will still be attached to the pc as an USB drive - 1 drive for MyNookColor and if you have an SD card installed and mounted a 2cd drive for the sd card.  Hope this helps you.  I've caught myself sitting waiting for the NookColor to appear and realized I had not swiped across the screen! to wake it up!