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Rooting the Nook? Help

We just got our Nook Color and have upgraded to the 1.2 system.  I have read many threads about the benefits of rooting the Nook Color but cannot find any written instructions on how a beginner can accomplish this or where to locate the software that will automatically do it for us.


Any help is appreciated

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Re: Rooting the Nook? Help

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If you have indeed upgraded to 1.2 already, I would hold off rooting until a new autonooter is available.  It is the easiest and virtually foolproof way to root ,but it isnt available for 1.2 yet.


There is a manual way to root on 1.2, but it is much more involved and doesn't seem to have all the kinks worked out yet.  I strongly advise sitting tight for a bit.  It shouldnt be much longer.  It will be prominately discussed here once it is released.

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Re: Rooting the Nook? Help

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ShastaGG wrote:

We just got our Nook Color and have upgraded to the 1.2 system.  I have read many threads about the benefits of rooting the Nook Color but cannot find any written instructions on how a beginner can accomplish this or where to locate the software that will automatically do it for us.


Any help is appreciated is my story.  I bought the Nook Color and was disappointed with the update.  After reading and researching, I found this link and was able to load CM7 onto a Sandisk 4GB class 4 SD card.  I am not a computer expert and all this "rooting" stuff is new to me but I was able to follow the instructions and everything worked fine.  In fact, it worked so well, my husband wanted me to do the same for him.


One tip I learned was that the Sandisk brand worked better as suggested.  I tried another brand and all the internet related stuff ran very slow.  Pandora radio wouldn't work either, but when I used the Sandisk brand, it worked great.


Being able to run CM7 from the SD card is great!!  I loaded some music, video and pictures on the emmc Nook drive and was able to access everything perfectly.  I also loaded the Nook App and was even able to read books on the CM7 side.  The only thing I couldn't seem to get to work was reading my Magazines.  It's easy as pie to switch back and forth between the Nook boot and the SD boot.


Listen to the video a couple of times and be sure to click the "Show More" at the top and the detailed instructions will appear.  I think this is the best and safest option from everything I read and both my husband and I are extremely happy now!!



To share files between the Nook drive and the SD card, connect your Nook to the computer with the USB cable.  After it's connected, go to the Nook with CM7 and open the notification bar at the bottom.  There will be a message saying something like connected by USB. Click on that and you will see a screen with the android guy with "USB connected".  Then click "Turn on USB storage" button at the bottom of the screen and hit OK.  After a few seconds you should see the "Removable Disk" boxes popping up on your screen or if you to to Explorer you should see 2 drives.  One will be called "My NookColor and a letter" and the other should say "Removable Drive and a letter". 


Then you should be all set to transfer files from one place to another.  Whatever Music or Video you put on the SD card will be availalbe when you hit the "Music" or "Video" buttons on the App page.  You can also see everything in your File Manager.


I hope this helps you!  I'm enjoying CM7 tremendously!

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Re: Rooting the Nook? Help


What suvlady explained above is what I've done with my NC.

You're actually running the CM7 solely on the mSD card, so you're not manipulating the NC's internal system whatsoever.


When I first learned of running the CM7 off of the mSD card, I was advised that the only disadvantage would be having to take out the tiny mSD card from the NC in order to access the original NC.

But I did not mind it at all because having both original NC and CM7 was just too wonderful.


Then, after about a week and a half, I discovered that I did not actually have to take out the card to access the original NC!! In other words, you can dual-boot!! (By this, I mean, you can choose which system you wish to use at the time of booting without taking out the mSD card).


If you're using the Youtube instruction above to do your rooting (I used that video as well, actually), you'll be able to do the same thing.

After you're done with rooting process,

If you leave the mSD card in the NC and boot, you'll be directed to the CM7 automatically.

But if you wish to access the original NC, at the time of booting, you'll see a small message saying, press any key within 5 seconds to go to booting setup menu (or something in that line).

I just press "N" button at the bottom.

Then "Boot Option" comes out showing "Boot Device" as eMMC and "Boot Mode" as normal.

I just keep them as it is, and move on by pressing "-" (volume) twice.



You'll be booted to the original NC system~~~ :smileyvery-happy:



On the CM7, you can download some excellent reading apps, like Aldiko or Moonreader.

Or you can just download the Nook app from the Android Market. (but let me warn you. Android Market version of the Nook reading app is not as good as the one that comes with the NC).

However, the CM7 does not have the sleep mode so far, and I believe that the battery life isn't as good (that's what I hear and what I experienced).

So what I recommend is, use the original NC system for reading books and magazines, and use the CM7 for everything else~!!!


Happy Nook Color~

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Re: Rooting the Nook? Help

I will repeat what those before me have said.  Running CM7 from an SD card is tremendous.  Its extremely easy to setup and get running and improvements are constantly coming.  They (the smart rooters that do all this stuff for us!) have actually solved some of the issues with the battery life and are just testing now before officially giving it to us to use.  It really is the best of all worlds. 


Most of instructions out there are for PC and they're really easy to follow.  You'll just want to make sure you get a good microSD card (SANDISK, class 4 or higher, 4 GB or higher).



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Re: Rooting the Nook? Help

DrAstro: Omg!! I had no idea that developers are almost ready to release a new version that improves the battery life!! In that case, after that is available, I don't think I'll ever boot to the original NC. LoL Please do tell us when it gets available. Thx :smileyvery-happy:
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Re: Rooting the Nook? Help

You do have options other than CM7 on an sdcard.  My first rooting experience was to put Honeycomb on an sdcard, no different process than CM7.  The advantage to Honeycomb, Android 3.0, is that it is optimized for tablets vs. phones. 


Here is a good general guide on the options:


Here is a good link for Honeycomb, you do need to register to get to the links:

And another good one:

And my favorite:


Another very good option is to simply open up, root, the BN 1.2 on your internal memory.  The advantage of this is that you have, in many ways, the best of both.  You can add regular Android apps as well as BN stuff, and all your books are accesible in one place.  Here is a link from Deangibson on this process:


One big disadvantage of having a rooted sdcard is that you can't easily share books between the standard BN Nook and your rooted version.  But there is a way to remedy this and that is to dual-boot your nook from the internal, eMMC, memory card.  Read my thread here for the details:  As you can see from the thread I now have rooted Nook 1.2 and Honeycomb running off the internal card.  I'm hoping, now that Honeycomb 3.1 is out, that we will soon have a version of that that I can load to the alternate partitions.


Now, you can also use the dual-boot method to boot from stock Nook as well as the sdcard.  This is very convenient, as you can then leave your sdcard in all the time and still be able to boot to Nook stock when needed.


None of these options are as difficult as they may at first seem.  Just be careful, whichever one you choose, and be sure to read, reread and then follow the directions exactly.  And, most of all, be sure that you have a good backup of anything you can't easily recreate.  The best news in all of this is that short of doing something physical to your Nook, the process to get back to stock is really quite simple, and it does not take much time at all.


Good luck, whichever way you go you will be happy.


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Re: Rooting the Nook? Help

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As others have indicated, dual booting rather than rooting is a nice option.  I've followed the CM7 option described above and found that it works great.  Under CM7 on the mSD, my NC seems to run even faster than the standard NC 1.2.  Scrolling is smoother and even internet access seems faster.


One problem that I found (and solved after 2 frustrating days) pertains to the mSD card formatting.  I tried over 20 times to format and flash the image on various mSD cards, only to find that the cards weren't readable by either WinXP or my NC.


I've read lots of discussions on this and other boards concerning which mSD cards work best. I had to buy and try several before determining that the problem, at least for me, wasn't the mSD, but my laptop's SD R/W unit.  My Dell D430 is over three years old (still love it) and apparently has an SD R/W unit that can't handle larger mSD cards.


I bought a $12 USB Multi R/W unit, reformatted my mSD cards, reflashed images, and followed the rest of the instructions to find SUCCESS!


I hope this information can save others from a similar waste of time (although I learned a lot through my research and chats with Dell and Sandisk CSRs).


FYI, when used in combination with a rooted Android Smartphone running Wifi Tether, I can now use my NC color anywhere, turning my phone into a free hotspot.  CM7 apparently allows ad-hoc networking while BN's stock 1.2 OS doesn't.

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Re: Rooting the Nook? Help

Very good point, I have several devices that were purchased when 512MB and 1-2 GB was what people had. With the advent of SDHC those devices were rendered usless, as 2 GB was the max. Anything that was labeled SDHC did not work. It took me a while, like you to figure that one out.

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