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So close, and yet, so far!

Brought my NC to work today and downloaded the update zip file...but the nook color shortcut on my desktop does not allow for any drag and drop of the file. It looks nothing like the window I get at home when I connect to my Mac. Anybody got any ideas for me? It's like the NC isn't "open", I can't see the directory or contents at all.

I love my NookColor!
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Re: So close, and yet, so far!

There are a couple of minor things that could fix this-- a) ensure the screen is unlocked, and displaying the "USB Mode" box. B) If you're using a PC, check under Computer, and see if it's listing Nook as Media rather than NookColor. C) Disconnect and reboot the device, then reconnect, or, if C does not work, D) Reboot the computer, then reconnect the nook.


My PC is also fundamentally idiotic, so I have to reboot it every time I want to connect my NC, since I keep it in sleep mode, and it won't recognize it if I eject, then plug it back in. Pretty much the only device it doesn't do this with is my camera.


If your work computer's a Mac, I have no suggestions, alas.