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??? WTH - B&N website shows 'The Help' as "Lent"  shows 'The Help' as being "Lent".


I bought 'The Help' from Barnes & Noble, (awesome book BTW) and wanted to lend it to my niece who also has an NC but it's Not a lendable book... WTH??

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Re: ??? WTH - B&N website shows 'The Help' as "Lent"

See this post:


Apparently around the time that Kindle joined the Lend Me program, a bunch of publishers pulled out of the Lend Me program.  Penguin was one of those publishers - and Penguin publishes The Help.


The website was designed long before the program changed, and it hasn't been updated since then.


See the thread in my signature about how you might still share this book with your niece..

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Re: ??? WTH - B&N website shows 'The Help' as "Lent"

Great book!  If you can't figure out how to lend it (it's really lame that they can pull the plug on the lendability of a book you purchased as lendable, btw), I checked it out of my local library's ebook database.  I had to go on a waiting list for it, but they had several copies, and I only had to wait about a week and a half to get it.