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Why is Your Website so Misinformative?

Why does your website say that an order can be cancelled as long as a 'cancel' link is still showing on the order, and then send an email saying, "sorry, we can't cancel your order."?

Why does your website clearly state that Nook can be returned at any Barnes and Noble store, and why did I find out that I can only get store credit for that return AFTER I made a 90-minute round trip to the nearest location?

Why are your customer service, digital support teams so blatantly uninformed and disorganized that one representative would disconnect me after over an hour of holding and transfers, and why would they out-and-out LIE to me about sending a prepaid return label to me for this return, in over 2 1/2 hours of telephone transfers, in order to be told at last by a supervisor, during another call lasting 30 minutes due to wait time, that the label CAN'T be generated?

Above all, WHY was I forced to receive a shipment that I CANCELED, which seems to require the hand of GOD to resolve?

I don't have to tell you this is not good business practice, at least I shouldn't have to. I should have just bought the Kindle in the first place.

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Re: Why is Your Website so Misinformative?

Another WHY:


Why, when a question was placed in the "Ask your Community manager" area is is not answered?  It's been a week.  


Just curious but WHY have an  "Ask your Community manager"  board if asking is to no avail?  Ignoring customers or hoping they go away and stop bothering you is not good customer service.  

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Re: Why is Your Website so Misinformative?

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It may well be that they tried to PM this individual rather than answer what seems to be a post that makes no sense.  You can return a nook to the store and get your money back-it may be that the OP didn't do so within 14 days or some such thing.  I have returned a nook via a phone call and it appears that if there was some problem with this order, which it appears, then that may be why no label was able to be generated.  Much of this post makes no sense to me.  It could be true, but just as likely is not.  I am always skeptical of any post that ends with "I should have gotten a kindle."


I've had no problem myself cancelling an order on the website, but I know things do happen.  When I ordered something from Gamestop, I realized right away I'd made an error and tried to cancel it using a cancel link.  The info I got from them was that the order enters the system almost right away so they are all but impossible to cancel.  The same may happen sometimes at B&N.  The system may take time to notify you that the order went through, but it may be that when someone goes to cancel it, it's already entered the shipping process-just that the account page needs to be refreshed.


There are some things stated here that just don't ring true IMO.  And the OP has posted different versions of the story in other threads.

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