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I just purchased my nook color and I don't get how I'm supposed to connect to wifi.  I was going thru the quick set up guide and came to a screeching halt when I got to the select a wireless network that I want to use.  It only shows three options; B&N Store (not in range, remembered) and (Not in range, remembered); and Other network.  When I click on other network, it asks for Network SSID?  What is that?  I have AT&T on my home computer, but how do I know if I have wifi with my AT&T subscription?  Also, how do I get wifi or know if I already have it?  As you can all figure out, I am very green with computers.  I'm lost.

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Re: Wifi

AT&T should have supplied you with a "Record your important AT&T U-verse information here for easy reference" card when your service was installed.  Under "wireless gateway information" it lists your SSID# and your Wireless Key #.   On your NC, go to settings and choose "Wireless."  Your SSID# should display.  Press that number and follow the prompts to input your wireless key# and you are done.

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Re: Wifi

You have to have a wireless router that is putting out a wireless (WiFi) signal to connect to. Meaning you need a device (router) that is connected to your internet and that router is how you connect. You can get a router for around $45 and up. I have a Belkin I purchased at Office Max on sale for $35, installation is a breeze, almost plug and play.

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Re: Wifi

You need to have a wireless router. You can get one for less than $40 and they are not too hard to install. Just make sure the router you buy is WIRELESS. And make sure that you have a good password and set up the proper encryptions. Netgear has some inexpensive ones.


I'm not too familiar with AT&T's service, but a lot of Internet providers have WiFi hotspots. I'm in New York and Cablevision has free WiFi for it's subscribers. You just go to their website, put in your address and see if you are in a WiFi spot. Lots of providers such as Time Warner have similar service. Check to see if this is the case with your provider as then you don't need a router. Doesn't look like it from the list you gave though.