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battery charge

I have had my color Nook for about 2 months.  The manual says the charge should last for weeks, but I have to charge the battery approximately every other day.  I turn off my WiFi on when not using it and also have lightened up the screen background to save power.  Not sure if I set up my Nook incorrectly or how to fix the problem.

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Re: battery charge


My experience is if you read a lot you must charge your NookC every day or so even with the WiFi off.    I read a whole lot and charge every night and half the time during the day.  Wasn't what I expected but as I really love my NookC and really love reading, I deal with it.

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Re: battery charge

I have to charge my NC about every other day also.  But I never thought it was a problem.  The BN rep I spoke with before purchasing it said that the battery should last about 8 hours.

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Re: battery charge

According to the manual from my NOOK Color... "With a fully charged battery and with Wi-Fi turned on, your NOOK Color has enough power to last in a suspended "sleeping" state for many days.  With a fully charged battery and with Wi-Fi turned off, your NOOK Color has enough power to last in a suspended state for several weeks."


So as long as you don't use it and have the Wi-Fi turned off, sure it will last a few weeks...but where is the  fun in that?  :smileyhappy:  I have to charge mine about every couple of days, but I keep my Wi-Fi turned off unless i really want to search for something on the internet or download a new book and I have found that having the "brightness" level turned way down helps the battery life a lot too (and keeps my eyes from burning), and I read for anywhere from 1-4 hours a day almost every day.

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Re: battery charge

Battery life on any device will depend on how you use the device. If you listen to music, play a game or watch a video, that will drain the battery quicker than just reading. Even with the WiFi off. 

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Re: battery charge

I agree w/ others - every day to 2 days max, for a typical read-session. I usually read 1-2hrs at a time, commuting... so 2-4 hrs there, plus whatever other bits of "downtime" I can snag (much as I did w/ papaer books, but much easier to go to a new book when I'm done with my current selection ^_^ ).


On a trip, I believe I got 7 hrs out of my NC, with wireless off other than a brief book download & news-site checking of 30min.