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cant connect to home wifi

My nook color recognizes my wireless connection as signal strength excellent and security as open, but when i touch connect it doesnt do anything.  Doesnt even seem to recognize the touch to connect????  I cannot download anything!  I went to a wifi spot at a restaurant and same deal??!!



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Re: can't connect to home wifi

It's not you.  Today, I bought the NookColor for my sister's birthday.  Gave it to her with this warm speech of how special she is and then we proceeded to activate the Nook.  Registered it then navigated through pages.  Got to Youtube anda message appeared, "page cannot be displayed."  Tried several times then finally called their Nook technical support.  He tells me that my sister's home WiFi signal is not strong enough.  (She and I have the same company with the strongest signal).  He ran several tests and told me to take it back to B&N to see if it would work.  If so, it was the home WiFi issue.  Went to B&N and it worked.  Not with the greatest picture but it worked.  Took it back to my sister.  Explained the situation, called B&N tech back, told to call the home WiFi service and did.  They tested the services and told us it wouldn't have anything to do with them.  My sister said she would keep it so I came home and got online to research reviews on the Nook.  Surprisingly, this is a known issues.  The reviews I read were posted 2 months ago and it said B&N knows that customers are having problem with home WiFi connectivity but has not shared it.  So back it goes tomorrow.  I didn't pay 100% of the cost for 75% usage.

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Re: can't connect to home wifi

CMore, again, if you can register and "navigate to youtube," then you do NOT have a wifi connectivity problem.


To the OP, try a reboot of the NC.  Hold the on/off button until the screen blurs (about 3-5 seconds).  Release. Answer yes.  The NC will turn off.  Wait 30 seconds, then press and hold the on/off switch until the screen flashes.  Release.  The NC will "boot."   Try your wifi connection again.
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Re: cant connect to home wifi

@ Sherri,


 I am assuming you have not yet been able to register your nook color. Is that correct? Also, how much battery charge does your Nook Color currently have? If there is quite a bit of charge,then try powering your nook color fully off and on again, then attempt to reconnect your wi-fi.


If you post your router type and make, you will get more specific help.


Please disregard CMore's post as his/her wi-fi router was recognized and s/he was able to register and go to the You Tube site online.


What s/he was not able to do was watch a video while at You Tube. However, You Tube videos require flash to run. The current operating system for Nook Color is 2.1 Android, which does not support flash. All owners will receive a software download mid-April of Android 2.2 which DOES support flash.



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