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got Amazon streaming movies to work !!


  Well I guess you can watch Amazon videos.after all


.. I am a Prime member and they give us a free streaming movies.. so I Switched the browser to MOBILE  view and selected a movie and


Dang..  it is PLAYING NOW...


.   needs  ear buds as the sound is low but works pretty good .. doesn't seem  too choppy at all.. at least the movie I am watchin which is Ant Bully... have had it start and stop  2 times so far just for a second or 2..  but just keeps up with the movie..


Now I would suggest you try one or two of the FREE videos on their site first before renting anything to make sure it works for you on you Internet service..


.... another site to play with !!!!!:smileyvery-happy:



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Re: got Amazon streaming movies to work !!

Wow Crenita, you are hot today.........:smileyvery-happy:

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Re: got Amazon streaming movies to work !!

Excellent! I was one of the few, I guess, that had no idea that Amazon had free streaming video for their Prime members until a few weeks ago. I'll have to now go check it out on my NC, when, or if, Netflix becomes available I'll be in heaven.

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Re: got Amazon streaming movies to work !!

Amazon is primed to become the next Netflix.  Their current selection pretty much sucks, but they have to start somewhere.


Amazon has the leverage of client base to be a major player in online streaming and, while many don't know it', they are a huge host of many sites already and have recently launched a 'cloud' service (which had a spectacular failure as well).


I currently don't think much of their online steaming, but it does have potential... and a huge corporation to back up expansion plans.


I currently sub to netflix, but if amazon had a similar service with near similar content, I'd sub.  Right now, they are in their infancy and appropriately offering it free with a prime subscription (discounted/expedited shipping).  I can fully see them launching an entire netflix-like program for a sub fee in the next two years.)


Disclaimer:  I work for amazon but have no knowledge of their plans in this area.





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Re: got Amazon streaming movies to work !!

I also am a Prime member but didn't know about the free streaming videos. I learn something new every day! :smileyvery-happy:


But the video I tried to view on my NC was very choppy. (The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo) Really not worth it at all. I gave up after just a few minutes. But I will try to watch some from my PC now that I know I have access to them.

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Re: got Amazon streaming movies to work !!

I also tried the Amazon streaming but the quality was awful.   The same with   The best was pbs but I had to keep the video very small to work.   With Amazon, I tried both the mobile setting (didn't work at all) and the desktop (very choppy).   I really wish I could figure out how some people are experiencing very good results while others not so much.

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Re: got Amazon streaming movies to work !!

 My suspicion is that those of us that are having good results have a faster Internet service .


. I upgraded my router a few weeks ago.. as mine was over 6 yr old .. wow. made a lot of difference in all my video viewing.. also I was having my wifi drop off later in the evening..but since upgrading no problems like that at all.


 I also increased the speed of my Internet service ( Verizon) cost an addition $2 dollars per month and that also helped. in all my movie viewing with Netflix, and on my Roku on my TV.. I did that a few month back after talking with verizon about  possibly going to their Fios service..Decided against it as live in hurricain country and if power goes out..  then our phone service goes off also... not good in storm country.