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Re: "The iPad is better"

This has been an interesting thread.


I could have paid more for an iPad.  This will probably sound stupid to some.... but I like the size of the device... bigger than a smartphone, smaller than an iPad..... which I think is just too big to be handy most of the time.


A month after the purchase, I'm glad I bought the NC.

Read a good nook lately?
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Re: "The iPad is better"

John_959 wrote:

Whatever, I have the Nook, the Kindle and the IPad 2, so I know which one I like best. If you like the Nook and never tried an IPad for any length of time,  how can you really judge? Sometimes, what we own is the best, no matter what.


By the way, I am not an Apple lover.  I think Apple over prices everything.  The one exception is the Ipad 2. The analysts  were suprised on how low Apple priced the Ipad. Considering battery life, processor, camera, video ability and everything about it, it's a bargain.


All of my computers are Window based and when I had my engineering company, I never bought an Apple computer and never will. (that is, unless they start pricing them to compete with window or Android based computers)

I also have a Kindle 3, Nook Color and a first gen iPad. I have to ask, have you ever rooted your Nook Color and got the Google Market on there? I don't think anything touches Nook Color for its price. The screen is much easier to read on even though the iPad is bigger its text isn't as sharp. That's one of the things I'm waiting to be fixed in iPad 3.
Other then size, with Google Market on it, I can pretty much do everything my iPad can do . Surf, play Angry Birds, read books, watch netflix, all for under 200 dollars of late.
I'm finding it hard to see why people spend so much on Galaxy Tab. Other then a camera, it does no more then NC does.. I could buy 2 NC's for one GT or iPad.
I think for me the main thing is, its size is just more convient, especially when laying in bed reading or surfing. 
I'm waiting now to see Amazon's new Tablet.. :smileyvery-happy: I'm a gadget nut.



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Re: "The iPad is better"

patgolfneb wrote:
Thr truth is neither product is a a basic need item for me. A basic ereader or paperback book are what I need.

You're not the only one.  That's why e-reader sales are expanding 3x faster than tablet sales.


- Mark


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Re: "The iPad is better"

JackOrLaurie__ wrote:
I've read through most of these and while there was a bit of snarkey commentary, I was looking for info to help me decide on what sort of device would work best for me. For those of you who were discussing pros and cons I thank you! One topic I didn't see was clarity. Since I'm getting to the reading glasses point and have a weird right eye, does anyone have any comments on clarity or viewing problems with screens? Also, does the Nook Color come without unwanted apps (as the iPad seems to), how is app-pricing between the two and does anyone know if you can pre-view what's available in the iPad's app store? Thanks in advance....

I've been wearing glasses for about 35 years, progressive multifocals for the past 8 or 9.  I have no problem reading text nor viewing graphics on either my NC nor my iPad2 (nor my N2E for that matter).  Really, any of these screens are fine, presuming you have the proper, up to date prescription for your eyes, well made lenses and properly fitted eyeglass frames.  99 times out of 100, I think when eyeglass wearers complain about a device screen being poor, it's an issue with their eyeglasses, not the screen (barring those few devices out there with truly crappy, cheap, screen technology being used, or without any ability to alter fonts and font sizes).


Also, if you think you need glasses, do not skip a proper eye exam and just assume you can get by with off the shelf reading glasses.  While those do work for many people, if you have any astigmatism at all (or other issues that need correcting), then plain simple magnification lenses alone are never going to work as well for you as proper prescription lenses would.


Bottom line, in my experience, is that any high quality eInk or LCD screen should not be an issue for people using corrective lenses while reading.  One thing I always get with my glasses is anti-reflective coatings on both sides - helps keep glare down for backlit emitted light devices like LCDs, as well as for reflective devices like paper and eInk (where the light is usually coming from above and/or behind you).

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Re: "The iPad is better"

JackOrLaurie__ wrote:
 One topic I didn't see was clarity. Since I'm getting to the reading glasses point and have a weird right eye, does anyone have any comments on clarity or viewing problems with screens?

When I first looked at the Nook Color, that is one of the things I was curious about.  I'm still a new NC
 owner, but I really like this screen.  I wear reading glasses (and sometimes deal with floaters) and I was curious how reading on an e-reader/tablet would be for me.  So far so good.  There is a method of holding at a non-glare angle in certain lighting conditions, but I really enjoy the reading experience of my NC.  For books, I have mine set with a grey page and white lettering and that works best for me.  The white with black text can cause a strain, IMHO, if you aren't careful with your brightness setting.  I'm a photographer, also, and I love being able to have some of my stuff on my NC and it looks very rich/crisp on the screen.



Omnigeek wrote

Regardless, I think the point the OP and others are making is that different people have different needs and the iPad and Nook Color serve those needs differently.  The iPad is (for me) the worst of all worlds:  too big to put in my pocket, too small and underpowered to do real work.


Agreed.  I wasn't knocking the iPad as a device in my original post--just saying I have no need for it.  I would have no need for the Nook if it were bigger than it is or cost more than it does.  I LOVE the size of the device.  I also think it's an impressive device for the money.