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returning to cover page

I am new to Nook and have been scrolling through a free book for practice.  owever I can't seem to get the book to return to the cover or first page.  What am I doing wrong?

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Re: returning to cover page

You really only see the cover page on some books in your library, home screen or shelves. To to to the first page of a book, or to navigate to any specific page, tap anywhere in the lower middle part of the screen of you book and the settings menu will show. That is where you can set the font, brightness etc for a book. At the left if content. You can go to a specific chapter, title page etc. Or the slider bar can take you to specific pages.


If you are new to your Nook I recommend you spend some time looking thru the user guide which  has lots of helpful information about all aspects of the nook.