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Customer service could be better

Had my Nook about a week when it was dropped accidentally - now it turns on but does little else.  While I admit I should have purchased the extended warranty, I was really hoping there would be at least a clause about 30/60 day replacement - even at a small charge - NO SUCH LUCK!!  Truly disappointed with Barnes and Noble.  A few years ago we had issues with our Nintendo Wii and their service was above and beyond!  No extended warranty issues, just a quick email to address the problem, instructions on returning the unit for repairs, and back in less than a week.  I mention this only to say that thing could be different, big companies can respond differently than what Barnes and Noble has - so buyer beware and don't make the mistake I did, purchase the warranty if you expect any satisfaction....

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Re: Customer service could be better

Was the issue with the Wii the same type of incident as with the Nook?  Your fault or theirs?

The return policy is clearly stated, that's why they sell the additional coverage.   

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Re: Customer service could be better

If you paid for it with a credit card, you might have that kind of coverage through your credit card agency? 

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