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My nook color won't charge

A few days ago my nook was completely charged and I had no problem charging it. I charged it last night which was fine I let it charge until the light was green then I unplugged it and turned it off. I went to turn it on this morning and it was completely dead. I have had this nook since December. I have had it charging in the wall for a hour and it still says wait 15 minutes because the battery is too low. I don't know what to do.
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Re: My nook color won't charge

mohrae, a few things to try


1) Try a different charging cable.


2) Leave it overnight plugged into the wall charger.

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Re: My nook color won't charge

I bought my Nook Color about three years ago so it is no longer under warranty. The other day my Nook just quit charging and i know it is not the charger because I have mutiple chagers and it still will not charge. Someone on this board mentioned the their charger outlet where the charger plugs in to the Nook going bad. Is there no place to get this fixed? and has anyone else had this problem with the actual Nook Color rather than the charger stopped charging? Any feedback would be welcomed. Thank you.

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Re: My nook color won't charge

See the many posts in the thread on Nook Power Cords below -- the last two by Bobstro and Geertm provide information on why non B&N chargers may not work or appear not to.  There have been many problems with the NC & NT cords but you should be able to charge your NC slowly with a standard micro USB cable and a high output (2 amp) wall adapter. l would try the NC adapter first, then anotheradapter if the B&N doesn't work.


Good luck!