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Nook Color keeps restarting itself?

I went to turn on my nook color yesterday and it said the battery was empty (wont seem to hold a charge) so i plugged it in, and after it was fully charged I started using it for about 5 min when it completely froze, and then turned itself off and then back on, but halfway through starting up, it shut off and started again, and it kept this up for and hour. It used to freeze alot and to turn it off I would just hold the power button for 15 seconds, then it would be fine, but this is the first time its done anything like this. Could I bring it into the store to have them fix it if they could? Ive had it for a long time and im pretty sure the warranty is up.

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Re: Nook Color keeps restarting itself?

My nook color was doing the same thing to me, it even went as far as to reset itself, i am totally freaked out. Can this be fixed or do i have to buy a new Nook, my Nook is only about four years old. But i use it a lot. I am a hard core reader.

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Re: Nook Color keeps restarting itself?

If it's a battery problem, there's not much you can do. Since the NC came out almost 3 years ago it could be a battery problem, there's another thread floating around here with a link to an article on Li-ion batteries only lasting 3 years (though I've got devices with batteries older than that still working fine). You can probably do an internet search and find someone who sells batteries for it, and then find a video someplace showing you how to take the device apart to replace it. But, it might just be easier, or even cheaper, to pick up a new device with better hardware.
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Re: Nook Color keeps restarting itself?

Yep agree just easier to either get another one even used seeing them for $100. Or half what you paid for 3 years ago retail you can get even a newer device.

As it worked out it only cost you about $8 per month?
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