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Replacement USB cable for Nook Color

Well my USB cable finally broke.  It broke at the standard USB end of the cable.  I know the Nook Color needs a special cable and that the old Nook (1ed) cable will work, sort of.  The original Nook Color charger is still good so I only need the cable.


My questions are::  Is there a good 3rd party replacement "not B&N" cable that will work on the Nook Color/Tablet that meets the specifications as the original cable both as to data transfer and charging?


Should I try to get B&N to replace the cable?



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Re: Replacement USB cable for Nook Color

If your device is still under warranty, call for a free replacement.


I'm not aware of any non-B&N cables that include the lit "n" and faster charging capabilities of the B&N cable--although any cable that fits will serve for data transfer and for slow (overnight) charging.

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Re: Replacement USB cable for Nook Color

My nook color adapter plug in, the little metal thing that plugs into the nook itself looked like it was bent as it was plugged into my nook- and I didnt see a colored light showing it was charging.

I keep it in one spot and no one other than me plugs in and un plugs the nook. Wondered what was going on?   When I went to push it in and see if it was connected to show color - being it was bent looking-- the little metal part that plugs into device broke and came out of the plastic usb part of cord. Great-- Hugh?


I cant read, cant charge my nook, and had a hard time getting this little metal thing out. I do have the little part, do you think the store will replace me with a new plug in?  I would think the company would or should being it came with my nook.


I have had nook for 2 years so it probablly is out of warranty.   Any help anyone?


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Re: Replacement USB cable for Nook Color

1) If under warranty, then ask for a replacement. B&N replaces cables.


2) If not under warranty then best to quickly get a replacement cable. They seem to be running out.


3) Any microUSB cable will work. Usually ones that work for things like Motorola phones etc. work. They will be slower but they will work.


Just check the Wall charger for what its power outage is. Anything that is same or less will be fine. I wouldn't recommend getting something that sends more power as Nook might not be able to handle that.

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Re: Replacement USB cable for Nook Color

I'd recommend the charger itself be the same or higher capacity. The current draw is controlled by the receiving device and asking for more than the charger produces will overload the charger. That's why they used a custom cable  -- so the device wouldn't draw more than a USB data port supplies (USB2 is five "units" of 100mA per hub, shared; so if only one device is on the chipset it can get the full 500mA). The Nook draws 500mA on the normal pins, and raws higher power via the extra pins from a charger.


The USB spec has evolved to allow for high current charge only modes which I believe work by the device not signalling on the data pins and a modern hub then switching the data into extra charge pins. Nook doesn't try that, it would be used to charge non-data devices (I have a beard trimmer that uses micro USB cable to charge).



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