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Re: Rooting


quilt-diva wrote:

Marie, How does one do this with having everything on the SD card and is this also done with autonooter? I would like to have the capabilities without changing my nook.  Is there a website that discusses how this is done? Also, I subscribe to NetFlix, can I watch movies on my NC doing it this way? Thank for all your help!


No, not with autonooter. That is something different.


You will have to do a lot of reading on the subject. I recommend the XDA boards and the rooted Nook Color boards on Mobile Reader as well as these boards. I can't stress this enough - search the boards and read before you post questions - ESPECIALLY on XDA. At first you might feel like you are reading another language (called Tech Geek!! :smileytongue:) but read enough and you will get it.


And no, Netflix is not coming to any Android device any time soon.

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Re: Rooting

apple is aware of jailbreaking, but still, they cannot solve it. same goes with the NOOK...

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The Best Solution IMHO



The best, safest, and easiest way to "root" your Nook color is to get an already prepared SD card.


Best and safest because the Nook Color would run in "rooted" mode strictly off the SD card, leaving the original Nook Color untouched.


Easiest because you simply insert the SD card in the device and turn it on to get the full android tablet experience. Take it out and the device will turn on where you last left it in the original Barnes & Noble experience.


These SD cards are terrfic and made my Nook Color a really great handy-dandy tablet with no risk!


I got mine from and am absolutely glad I finally did it. 



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FrankJohn's solution is not, in fact, rooting

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Booting from an outboard SD card is not, in fact, rooting.


Rooting is the process that lets you preserve the stock Nook Color interface while giving yourself the ability to add apps as you choose to within that interface.  Your free friday and in-store reading and coupon eligibility is maintained - you don't have to remember to reboot to stock to get access - and you can swap in and out the SD card easily. 


It's valuable to preserve the distinction between the two, because troubleshooting a rooted NC and troubleshooting a cm7 (n2a, or a phiremod NC booting off a card are two different processes. 


Many folks prefer the stock interface after trying out CM7;  the cards are a relatively inexpensive way to try alternate roms for non-technical folks, but someone will have to explain to me why a cm7 card is worth 10 bucks less than an miui card when the process for creating them is identical aside from one file.


Are any of the dev teams being compensated by the vendors of these cards? 

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Re: Rooting

I just finished rooting my NC.  Most things seems to be working OK, except a number of apps in the marketplace won't work (Nook Reader, Facebook, Google Maps, Youtube, etc).  I continue to get a "Your device is not compatible with this item" bar at the top of the screen and I cannot download the app from Android Mrketplace.  What gives?  Anyone know the fix?


BTW - I installed CM7 version 7.0.2.  I originally tried version 7.0.3, but I didn't get android marketplace.  The recommended fix was to use 7.0.2, which I did.


Thanks for the help! 

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Re: Rooting

I would go back to 7.0.3 and try to find the gapps.apk which will install market and gmail for you.  I could email it to you if you want to private message me with an email address and instructions to install it.