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Transfering EPUB files to Nook

I bought a Nook Color yesterday.  I already have a Sony Reader.  I wanted to make sure that I would be able to transfer and read the books I have already purchased for the Sony Reader on the Nook Color.  I was told by a Barnes and Noble associate that I would be able to read the books as long as they were EPub files.  I was to just copy them over to the Nook Color.


Today after setting up the Nook Color, I used the USB cable to attach the Nook Color to my computer and dragged the EPub files into the Books folder of the Nook Color.  The files appeared but when I tried to read one of the books, I received the error message "User not activated."


I want to know if I can indeed copy these books to the Nook and access them or not.  If this is possible, what are the instructions to do so?


Thank you for your help.

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Re: Transfering EPUB files to Nook

You can - but not directly, as you did it, it's done through ADE.


Doug_Pardee has it all written out in great detail - here is a link to to his instructions.


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