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Updating Adobe flash

I will apologize in advance if I missed this answer, I have searched. One of the games I enjoy playing says I need to update to Adobe 10. Can I update the Adobe on the Nook Color the same way I would my computer?

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Re: Updating Adobe flash

There are two ways to go:  Wait for BN to issue a flash update, or root the device, install Titanium, uninstall the BN variant of flash and then install Flash from the Android marketplace. 


Before you go to that trouble, find out if you know someone with a galaxy tab and find out if the game works on that or not. 


The reason I suggest that is that the stock Nook Color running os 1.2 is running a Flash 10 of some kind, so if the game says you need Flash 10, it may be that it doesn't actually work under Android. 

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