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Web-based wireless login

My company has wireless available but after connecting we must launch the browser and login to the wireless on the web.  The nook color will connect to the wireless but it tests for the internet and decides there is none.  Therefore nothing will work in the browser to get to the login screen.  Is there anyway to get around this?

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Re: Web-based wireless login

Typically, when you go to your Settings screen and search for wireless networks, you should get a list of networks available. There, if you click on your office wireless, NC SHOULD prompt you with the 'login' page as a dialog window. I have tried in this in a few scenarios and it works well (from a hotel, from an office). If it does not popup the window, maybe it's because it's not able to figure out the redirect rules.

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Re: Web-based wireless login

Just so you won't feel so alone I have the same problem with the open wireless network at work. It redirects to an internal IP and I cannot connect. I also tried it with my android phone and it too will not connect. Post here if you figure out a solution.



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Re: Web-based wireless login

I have similar wireless.  I just have to open the browser and it takes me to the login page.  From then on, all wireless works fine, although if the NC goes to sleep I have to log in again.

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Re: Web-based wireless login

I have had the same issue. I can;t get the web page to come up, even after entering the wed address. If I click on the connection I want, it tells me connected, but no internet.