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Wi-fi not working all of a sudden

I recently got a new wireless router through our local cable company and ever since we switched our router the wifi sometimes doesn't work on my Nook Color.  I can log on to shop for books but whenever I try to use my NC for watching Netflix or Pandora it won't connect to these two and tells me that there is no connection.  I'm at a loss as to what to try.  

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Re: Wi-fi not working all of a sudden

1) Restart the router.

Note: Please wait a few minutes before turning it on again.


If that doesn't work


2) 'Forget' the connection in your Nook. Then restart the Nook. Then add the connection again.


If that doesn't work


3) Make sure you aren't using mixed or dual band. Use just the lower frequency (not 5 Khz) if you can.


4) Make sure you are using a, b, or g. N is not supported by Nook.


Can't think of anything else.

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Re: Wi-fi not working all of a sudden

Oddly, this household has two Colors and an HD+ and all connect to the router (LinkSys) with only the n setting.  Also oddly, my HD+ connects better to Pandora and Netflix than other apps sometimes.  Go fig.  (Also, knock on wood, 'cause I use them a lot!)

Is your wifi list long?  Active signals (with the fan showing) don't really "count against" you, but if you have a lot of inactive, "remembered" networks on your list, it sometimes confuses the nook.  I don't know why, but I have seen people with wifi problems that have this.  Tap the ones you don't need and "Forget" them (leftover libraries, coffee shops, airports, hotels, etc.).  Often, once people get the list down to no more than half a dozen or so "remembered" networks, the wifi suddenly clears up.  Maybe adding one more network put it teetering on the edge of it's tipping point?