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downloaded movies wont play

I downloaded several movies with dvd catalyst onto my nook but they wont play i get a message saying the format cannot be played i downloaded some earlier and had no problems i have tried putting them on both the internal memory and the sd card and it doesnt seem to make a difference can anyone help me?
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Re: downloaded movies wont play

Hi Nooky,


Thank you for using DVD Catalyst,


Did you change any settings, other than selecting the NOOKcolor profile?


When you try and test-play the videos on your computer (they should be located in your "Videos" or "My Videos" folder) do they play then?


There are 2 ways f playing videos on the NOOK, which can also make a difference.


The Gallery app finds and displays movies located anywhere on your NOOK, however, it is a bit picky in where they are located when you try to play them. Try going into Library > My Files, and play your videos from there.


Near the bottom of the NOOK guide on my website can provide you a bit more details on that:




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Re: downloaded movies wont play



I have put movies on my Nook Color SD Card using your program to convert the fiels.  I have lost the movies twice.  Gone to watch them and they are gone.  Reloaded them, they worked..then later gone again.  I think its happening when its turned off/on. 


Any ideas on how to fix this?


Thank you