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Can't open books unless connected to wi-fi

I had an original nook, which I LOVED (never the slightest problem) and recently upgraded to the NST.  I downloaded all the books I hadn't yet read to my new device.  Now, when I try to open a book from My Library, it tells me I have to connect to wi-fi to do so.  It's NOT because I need to download the book---I've already read half the book on this device.  If the book I'm trying to open happens to be one in my "recent purchases" section of my home screen, I can open it from there without wi-fi....just not from My Library.  This happens with most books, but not all.  I have already tried a soft reset and it didn't work. I don't have wi-fi at home and it frustrates me when I have to get in the car and drive to someplace with wi-fi just so I can open a book!

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Re: Can't open books unless connected to wi-fi

Did you change anything related to your account, such as the default credit card on file?  If so, that could be the issue.


Something you could try (if you don't get any less time-intensive suggestions) - go to somewhere with wifi and either archive all your books and then unarchive them (make sure to archive them all, then sync, then unarchive them, then sync again) or dereigster and then re-register your nook (this will automatically erase all your books and you will have to redownload them).  This should theoretically correct any confusion or disconnect that your nook is seeing between your books and your account.