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Error c6120 errors and "Network Unavailable" - SOLUTION for Comcast XFINITY



See *[Solution] to skip past my lengthy explanation.


I had been struggling with the nook 1st gen for months. We checked a couple different hotspots, and nothing seemed to work unless we were on the actual B & N hotspots.


After hours of troubleshooting and the same 'ol "reboot your router" repetitive silliness from B&N support, I found the solution.


In my case, I'm using the comcast xfinity router/modem combo Arris TG862.


I was connected, and could ping the nook from my home computer, so I knew the wireless was ok, but I couldn't see the nook when looking at the admin page for the router. Which was funky.


I found a similar article about Yahoo DSL, and it said that DHCP is an issue, and that you had to disable dynamic DHCP. So I figured it would be an issue with the router at that point.


I checked every tab, and came to the parental controls report. I see this error right next to my nook's IP address: [PRCTL_DEVICE_LOG] Blocked.


*[Solution] I never enabled parental controls (everyone in my house is an adult), so I just turned all the options off even though everything was set to allow ALL.


The second I did this, it registered, and started downloading updates. My guess is that comcast has this enabled by default, and that a bunch of other hotspots around my area use comcast also.


I hope this helps, I was struggling with this for months.