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How much memory?

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The specifications say the Nook Simple Touch has 2GB memory with 1GB available to the user enough for 1000 user books.


My new Nook came with four books on it and there is only 236MB free of 236MB total memory available?

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Re: How much memory?

Not having my NST with me to check, but I would suspect what you are seeing is the available memory for side loaded content.

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Re: How much memory?

The storage area ("memory") on all Nooks are divided into three "sections":


  1. Memory for the operating system and its needs, just like on a PC:  Most computer operating systems take a noticeable amount of your total storage area, and this is true on Android systems as well.
  2. Memory that B&N has reserved to store items that you buy from them.  On older Nook designs (the e-Ink ones), the amount remaining is not displayed to the user.
  3. Memory that B&N has made accessible via a USB connection to your PC, where you can store anything you wish.  This is the "236MB" of space you see on the Nook Touch.


The sizes of these areas are determined at the time of manufacture.

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Re: How much memory?

If you want to go completely insane and learn all about this distinction (along with page after page of argument about why this is either "great" or "evil")...


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