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I had trouble shooting done last year by your tech support--the whole nook library had to be rebooted--since then any book I had purchase prior to that date has to be redownloaded inorder to be read again. I went in today and a book  would not download--I had bought it greater than 18 months ago and have previously read it two other times--the error message that comes up is payment--I called tech support and their only suggestion is to repurchase it!!  I don't even have that option first of all because it has already been purchased so download is the only option. Can someone please correct this error--I was told by tech support they were the highest could go with my problem!! No one else to talk with, so I had to email here and I MIGHT get a reply back. REALLY--this is what you call customer service!!

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What book?  Do you still see it in your library on the nook, and on B&

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We're just users here, like you.  Sometimes the admins of the forums pop in and can help you out. 


A couple of things that come to mind are:


  1. Is your CC info current?  If you don't have a valid CC on file it won't let you redownload.
  2. Is the book still available for sale through B&N?  If B&N lost the rights to sell this eBook, depending on what the contract with the rights holder is, it may no longer be available for redownload from the archive.  Check to see that B&N still offering the title in question.

You could also send a Private Message to the admin BN_AlexG
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I have sent you a Personal Message, please read and respond and let's see if we can get you back up and running.