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[NST] All data just disappeared...

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Damn, guys, that's really annoying. Everything was all right, i just read books, closed nook with cover, then after some time read some more - everything as usual, like everybody does.

And suddenly, when i took my nook again to read some more from S.King's "The Drawing of the Three" 

my nook didn't respond to pressing the "n" button, so i pressed power button - nook began to turn on. I was like "W.T.F.?" and waited for device to turn on completely. And you know what i faced when it turned on? Yeah, main screen, but with my book on it with "on page 1 of 1". Oh, seriously? It's not a problem for me to remember the last page i read before, and that's not really a reason to write about here. The reason is that all my highlights, bookmarks and 1 shelve with about 180 books just erased. The interesting part is that two other shelves stayed o.k. and nothing happened to them. And the one with "boredom cure" series, which i filled for 10 minutes, swiping pages to select theese books to be placed in this shelve just gone away. Really, what is the reason of such nook behaviour? And what should i do know? Total reset?

And when will it be possible to sync not only bought books, but sideloaded content too? Maybe just highlights and bookmarks to be exported? no? That would really suck, if such basic features won't be implemented in the recent future.


Cincerely yours...