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New Books Aren't Showing Up

I bought two books today, both of them from online sites that I frequent every day. They are both showing up on my library on the My Nook site. However, neither one of them is showing up on my Nook Simple Touch. I've rebooted my NST, but that didn't help. I thought that it was a simple glitch, so I attempted to buy them again on the NST and it told me that they were already there in my library. So my NST knows I've bought them; it just won't show them in my library. Anybody have any ideas of what to do?

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Re: New Books Aren't Showing Up

There have been some issues with the Nook servers tonight. Keep trying. I was having issues earlier but then was able to download.
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Re: New Books Aren't Showing Up

I've been having the same problem.  The only way I've been able to get them on my Nook is to download them on my desktop and sideload them on my Nook.