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Nook STG displays wrong books in "Reading Now" spot on Home Screen

Anyone else having the problem with the Home Screen showing the wrong book in the Reading Now spot?  I noticed this happening this week.  It started after my battery had run completely down.  Don't know if that had anything to do with it.  Seems like my battery doesn't last more than 3 days, and that's with WiFi off and just having it on standby.  My Nook doesn't get squished or jostled - it sits on the nightstand in a neoprene cover.  


The first time it displayed the wrong book, it had reverted to the last book I had just completed.  The next time I checked the home screen, it was showing a different book from my library which I haven't even read yet.  At least it remembers the page I was on once I locate the book I was reading.  Oh - I also tried using the book icon on the top of the screen which should take you to the book you are currently reading.  It opened the books which were displaying on the Home Screen.  


So far, besides this glitch, I've had the worsening battery life, and my adapter died (when I called support, they sent a new cable, not the adapter piece which was the problem).    At least I haven't had the screen cracking which leaks the GloLight (yet).  


I really, really love this new Nook, so I am a bit disheartened by these problems.  Thank goodness I've also held on to my N1Ed!

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Re: Nook STG displays wrong books in "Reading Now" spot on Home Screen

I don't know how old this topic is, but I have the same problem. I hadn't turned my Nook Simple Touch on in months, so the battery ran completely down, and it showed the incorrect books on "Reading Now." That must be the cause. However, my battery still lasts a long while. I took the incorrect books off by undoing the bookmarks I'd left in them, but then when I did start reading a new book, it's never shown up there despite multiple bookmarks. I have to go to my library and manually find the book each time. I've tried other books, and they won't show up either. So it looks like this feature won't work and that nothing's been done about it. (probably never will be done)


I still haven't turned my WiFi on since I had to do a reset because the newest software download messes up my Nook. Fun times.