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Nook Simple Glow locked on screensaver

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I was able to read my week old nook this morning but come lunchtime it is unresponsive. button does not bring up swipe screen, holding button does not turn on glow. Power button doesnt seem to do anything either, No response when I plug into PC.


Any suggestions?


OK, I'm an idiot. Apparently I blew by low battery message somewhere along the way.  A bit of charge and now it tells me its too low to power on.

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Re: Nook Simple Glow locked on screensaver

You got it.


The screens on Nook Simple Touchs are different than "other" tablets.  They can hold an image forever with NO power.  In fact, you could break your NST apart and take the screen out and it will still show the same image until the end of Time.


But, it should have lasted more than a week (unless you're reading for hours every day).  Keep an eye on it.  Make sure it's not getting bumped and turned on (a press to the "n" button or to the power button on the back will do it).  That's a HUGE reason for fast-drains.  It happened to my daughter and a friend and, recently, to me when I went on a trip and just tossed it in my backpack without thinking about what was pressing against it.



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Re: Nook Simple Glow locked on screensaver

If it's only a week old the battery meter might not be fully calibrated yet. It usually takes a couple of charges before you start seeing the really long battery life.