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Nook Simple Glow refuses to open book after going to sleep with Glow Light on

I have be rereading an omnibus ebook on my new Nook Simple Glow, and three times during this ebook, my  NSG has refused to open the book file anymore. First time, archiving had no effect, and had to unregister and reregister to get it to let me open it again (I had even called the number, and what they did had no effect). Second time,  I used with the glow light on before bed, and may have let it go to sleep with it on, turning the NSG off, and archiving it let me open it again. And just now, it went to sleep with the light on, and there is no effect with archiving and powering it off. I think I'm going to let it stay that way until I can head to the store and question someone there.


I've not had this problem with single book titles. And I originally read this title on my Nook Color, and can access it on both that and my phone with no issues.   Has anyone else had this problem with the Nook Simple Touch devices? I think either 1) omnibus ebook titles are not adjusted in file size to accomidate the lower memory devices (I know the manufacturers can't bother adjusting file size of graphics, which stall books in my Nook Color)  or 2) there is something wrong with my NSG, causing it to malfunction with the larger file size ebooks.


Any similar experiences?