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Nook simple touch won't turn on

My nook simple was fully charged yesterday and today it was frozen on the home screen. I held the power button for 20 seconds and it started to turn back on again but is now it is stuck on the page that says "Read Forever your nook is starting up" I can't do anything with it. I've tried holding the power button again, and also holding the power button with the n button. It won't do anything. Please help
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Re: Nook simple touch won't turn on

Plug it in to charge for at least a couple of hours. The NST can be deceiving in that the screen will show something even if the battery is completely drained. It's possible that your just hung up overnight and depeleted what was left of the battery. I'd charge it up long enough to make sure it has a good charge, then try long-pressing the back power button for 20-30 seconds to see if it restarts. If not, try a 2nd long-press. With any luck, it'll boot up. 


If that fails, try a 2nd known-good charger and cable (perhaps one your charge a phone with).

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Re: Nook simple touch won't turn on

And, just in case, make double-sure that the little light turns orange (charging) or green (fully charged) when you plug it in.  It sometimes takes a few seconds for the light to turn on, be patient.


There have been more than a few bad cables/chargers that have tricked people (and there was the one person that plugged it into their computer, turned off the computer, and then wondered why it didn't charge but I'm SURE that's not the problem for you).


Finally, make sure you're putting it to sleep (you don't have to actually turn it all the way offt.  If you just close the case or set it down it can think it needs to stay awake (like someone who's cover was touching the screen or the person with the cats that would sit on their Nook).