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Pre-Ordered Book doesn't download

Help!  I pre-ordered a book months ago and it's listed on my online nook library.  It has since been released, but will not download to either my nook simple touch nor my Nook for Android App.  It tells me "this book is preordered, check the site for release details" on the nook for Android and "This book will be released on Feb. 7th and can be downloaded then." 


Um.... It's VERY much past February 7th and I still can't get the book through the wireless on my nook or nook app.  I ended up sideloading it to my Nook Simple Touch, but then it doesn't show up in the All Books section.  I've never had this problem with the 1st Gen Nook.


I really don't want to have to stop pre-ordering books, though I will if that's the only work around and simply wait until they're available for actual order.  Any help would be greatly appreciated.  (All other books download seemlessly except this one)

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Re: Pre-Ordered Book doesn't download

This seems to be a common problem.  Many people report that if they go to the website and archive the book, then un-archive again, it will download.