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SIde Loading from nook for mac


I have a question about side loading from nook for mac.  My wife has he NE1 I have the NE2.   We just had to swap out my nook bcz it was uresponsive....this was after calling b&n & doing a facory reset.  Before the reset, I had a few books on my nook that my wife purchased on her acct and she side loaded onto my nook.  She has tried again to side load but is having issues this time.  Any help with this issue is greatly appreciated!!!

Thanks so much!!!!

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Re: SIde Loading from nook for mac

I know this is 3 weeks old, but I just saw it.. what trouble is she having? Can you (or she) describe what she's doing, and what happens when she does it? I have both an original Nook and a Nook STG, and side load onto both from my Mac all the time.
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