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I let the charge go completely down on my nook so took it to a Barnes & Noble where they put it on their charger. She told me to take it home and finish charging it and that I would have to re-register it. How do I get that done? I tried giving it a new password but that didn't work. It gave me a phone number to call which is a joke because all it said was to go online.

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Re: re-registering

If you have to re-register it, the registration screen will come up when you go to use it.  If not, and you see your books in the library, then you don't need to worry about it.

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Re: re-registering

I suspect you're seeing the registration screen Keri mentioned, since AFAIK that's the only way to get the Nook to request a password and subsequently give you a phone number if the password is incorrect.


I presume you had registered your Nook originally.  If so then you need to use the email and password you entered at that time.  If you forgot the password you can go to enter the email and click 'forgot password' it'll then email you a link that'll lead you through on reseting your password.  Once you've gone through those steps just use the email and the new password you made to register the Nook.


If you have never registered your Nook before, click the 'create account' button.  Then follow the on screen prompts.


If all else fails, take it in and ask if the same bookseller (or the Nook expert currently working) can help you.

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