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wifi sideload - wifi library overdrive

My apologies if this issue has been covered recently...


I would like to sideload books via wifi into my NST.  I would also like to sideload library books wirelessly.


There was talk a couple years ago that this feature set would come in an OS update but I haven't seen anything.  Also, by looking at I see that it appears that the current method is still a tethered sideload.


Is this correct?  Does anyone have any information on when we will see this feature?


I email documents to my brother's kindle frequently and it's sad that we don't have this trivial feature. 

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Re: wifi sideload - wifi library overdrive

As far as I know, wifi file transfer was never a planned feature for the NST.  Regardless, B&N doesn't announce upcoming software releases, so there's been no news on this feature coming.  There is a leak that there might be an update soon that adds access to the browser.