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Re: Best Buy to Sell Nook, Target Bags Kindle?


AlanNJ wrote:

Other than more product visibility I don't see the advantage to this if there's a B&N already in the area.  We have a B&N less than 2 miles from a Best Buy.  I can see and touch a Nook at B&N. 

I can only see the advantage of Best Buy if there's no B&N around.  Then again, I'm not a marketing genius.


You visit both stores.  Many people don't


This is the Internet. I'm not going to let my complete lack of actual knowledge stop me from giving my opinion....
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Re: Best Buy to Sell Nook, Target Bags Kindle?

HUH-- Most People don't visit both stores.  I go to the B&N and BB all the time. They both serve a different purpose.  I don't buy music at B&N as they are always much more expensive and BB doesn't carry books and Computers and Laptops etc but BB doesn't have books.

So I guess you saying if your a B&N customer and read you don't go to BB because you think TV's :smileyhappy:  Then again a good home system for movie watching is top too.  To many things with work getting in the way

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Re: Best Buy to Sell Nook, Target Bags Kindle?

Exactly.  I go to B&N for books.  I go to Best Buy when they have sales that I'm interested in for electronics or PCs.  My assumption is that B&N is positioning this more as an electronic device (Best Buy) rather than reading a book.

In B&N it's positioned as a book reader.

I find this very interesting and it should be fun to see how it pans out.

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Re: Best Buy to Sell Nook, Target Bags Kindle?

"HUH-- Most People don't visit both stores.  I go to the B&N and BB all the time."


Just the fact that you are involved in this forum means you are a book reader and most likely visit bookstores.  But given the general population, I'd say it would be a significantly smaller percentage who visit bookstores than electronics stores.


I'd say that most of the Barnes & Noble customers do also shop at Best Buy but most of Best Buy's customers do NOT shop at Barnes & Noble.  Why?  Because only a small percent of the population are avid readers nowadays (sad, but true) whereas everyone seems to have computers and TVs and stereos, etc. 


So yes, they serve different populations.  Having the Nook in a Barnes & Noble meant that it was visible to the book-loving population.  Having it in a Best Buy as well means that all of those folks who have only ever heard of Kindle (because they excel at advertising whereas B&N sucks at it) suddenly see another option.  And people don't shop alone, so having it in Best Buy broadens the visibility extensively.

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Re: Best Buy to Sell Nook, Target Bags Kindle?

One of the reasons why I went with the nook over the kindle was local store availability.  In my mind, if I'm going to spend $250 dollars on a ebook reader, I want to see it and know that it right for me.  I could do that with the nook, I could not with the kindle.


I'm sure that I am not the only one that thinks this.  While I was perectly happy buying my nook at my local Barnes and Noble, there are some people who would prefer to buy their electronics at an electronics store like Best Buy.  The simple fact that they sell both the nook and the Sony ereader (and also the ipad, too) makes it easier for this type of shopper to pick up a nook, but to compare it to some of its competitors.


Granted, when Target does finally start carrying the kindle, I will most likely take a look at it.  But, after seeing the picture of the nook and the kindle together, I'm happy I picked the nook simply on the aesthetic nature of it.  The nook looks so much better than the kindle.