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Book Clubs and the Nook

Has anyone successfully used the Nook in a book club setting? What tips do you have?


I'm a book club leader who typically uses a DTB to lead from, and I use Post-its to flag pertinent passages. For Friday's meeting we read Frankenstein, and since my wife and I normally have to share a copy of the book, I decided to let her have the DTB and to try the free B&N copy that was available for Nook.


I used the highlighting/notes feature to flag passages that I might want to discuss (and added a bookmark to each page where a note was--I hope they make this a simpler process in a software update), but I found myself not wanting to discuss the passages much because they were not easy to get to. I also normally flip through the book and stumble upon other passages that might be valuable to read aloud, but this was harder to do on the Nook as well.


I can see the value of using the Nook in a book club setting (text searchability), but I would appreciate any tips from the pros.



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Re: Book Clubs and the Nook

I, too, have just started a Book Club and am using my Nook. I've been highlighting and making notes with the bookmark, just like you. I'll let you know how it goes once I've gone through our first meeting with me using it in this way!


I agree that the highlighting and notes need to be made into a simpler process. Also more searchable. I've had to bookmark each page with highlighting or notes so that I'll know where they are since there's no way to search for them otherwise!

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Re: Book Clubs and the Nook

I have been using my nook in our lit group since last Feb.. I am the coordinator but the review is rotated among the members. The method I use:


1) Highlight special passages 

2) Bookmark that page

3) Using old fashioned pen & paper make a brief note of the bookmarked page


I always go to start of book when I am finished reading to make it easier to find bookmarked pages. I too hope they find a better way to find highlighted pages but this method does work.



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Re: Book Clubs and the Nook

I too am a book club moderator. I just bought the nook about 3 weeks ago. I have not used it yet for any book club discussion. I am also a book blogger.  I learned to use the hight lighter and book mark page. I was happy how it was working until the last time I used the nook. I wanted a page to highlight. It was not highlighting and not able to take notes. I was wondering if any one else had at times problems hightlighting. I am wondering if it is a glich on my e book or if it happened to other e books. I don't know how digital books are made. If one person has a problem does everyone? Like when a hardcover is published, is it mass made or what? 

I don't know if I am having a problem only with this particular digital book or is it a problem with my nook? Should I call technical support?  I just bought the nook only 3 weeks ago.

Any help would be appreciated.


To the question about would you use the nook at a book club? I am not sure. I have read my first one for pleasure.  For this one, for my literary blog posting . I will have to see. I did highlight till this last problem. So, I decided to write the rest in a note book. It is a pain to find and search the hightlights. The hard book you just can flip throught the pages. I am still new at this. So, I am not sure. I may just do hard copies for my book club until they find a better way to high light. Right now I am not happy with this part.

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Re: Book Clubs and the Nook

[ Edited ]

bookmarkSC: were you reading a PDF? Highlights and notes are two of the many features that don't function on PDFs.


You also can't highlight material that you're accessing via Read In Store, and you can't highlight periodicals.