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Cover for Nook

For all of you that own the Nook, I just purchased mine on Sunday and was wondering which cover you would recommend.  I really don't want to spend a lot of money but feel that I need to protect it.


Also, I am so excited to go home and try it out.  What is the first thing you would recommend that I do.  I did read the User Guide and know that I have to register it.  I also thought about going out to Barnes and Noble just to see how it works when I am out there and to ask any questions that I may have.


Thanks for your help.  It is greatly appreciated.:smileyhappy:



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Re: Cover for Nook

If you do a search there are many many threads on this.


I like the M-Edge line, they're relatively inexpensive, lots of colors, lots of configurations, mine was less than $30 using whatever online coupons I found at the time and I got the light that slides in the pocket.  It's the Go jacket and it's pretty lightweight, protects well, doesn't have a closure but then there's also nothing to get in the way when you fold the cover back to read.  I read in the cover almost all the time. It's holding up well after a year of heavy use.


The Oberon Design covers are beautiful leather but heavier and much pricier.  


Javoedge makes prop-stand flip style covers as well as sleeves.



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Re: Cover for Nook

I bought this one on Amazon and I love it, especially for the price. I think pretty much everything they have at Barnes and Noble is overpriced.

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Re: Cover for Nook

I have the Industrielle cover from B&N.  Good protection, good looking, reasonably priced (abt $20). 


Check out Nook->Accessories->Covers on the B&N website for a full selection


PS: welcome to the world of Nook!  Your life will never be the same :smileytongue:

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Re: Cover for Nook



Welcome!  :smileyhappy:


First of all, you're very smart to be getting a cover:  your Nook is worth protecting and, like anything that consists of plastic, glass and circuits, it can be damaged pretty easily.


I have the Madison Trifold (in red) and I love it.  The wraparound design provides excellent protection for my Nook, as well as accommodating some key accessories, like an iPhone stylus and M-Edge's excellent eLuminator2 light:



Madison Trifold Cover in Crimson


Madison Trifold Cover in Mink





For outdoor and beach use, also have a look at TrendyDigital's WaterGuard Waterproof Case for Nook.  It won't do for a fulltime cover, but it's great on a rainy day, on a boat -- or even in the shower.  And for $16, you can't go wrong.



Have fun choosing.

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Re: Cover for Nook

I also have the Industriell cover and think it's great.  It has clips that hold it to the Nook and the price is much more reasonable now than when it first came out if I remember correctly.

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Re: Cover for Nook

I do think you can find less expensive ones on Amazon or other places.  BUT if you have a B&N by you you MAY want to go at least check them out.  They have tons of different ones and I was surprised how different some of them felt (size, protection etc).


I ended up getting the Lautner from B&N.  For my needs I love it.  I primarily read at home, I am not traveling all around, at the beach all the time etc so I chose kind of a thinner, non obtrusive cover.  It folds behind itself and the latch will hold it, so when opened it is barely there.  It really is a matter of choice


here is the one I got: