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Do magnets hurt the Nook?

I am reading all the postings about purses used for Nook bags, and I have a few that would work. However, some have a magnet on an outer pocket. Does a magnet hurt the Nook as it does a computer? Or does that even matter any more?


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Re: Do magnets hurt the Nook?

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I don't think so. The strongest evidence in favor of that is the Industriell easel cover I bought from B&N. It has a rather strong magnet on the end of a strap for closing it and holding it open as a nook stand (see the link). In closed mode, it sits smack in the middle of the Nook. I've used it for more than 2 weeks now with no problems, nor have I seen any such problems in the reviews for it. Since memory for modern devices is largely flash based (the tech for which interacts only weakly with static magnetic fields) magnets aren't dangerous.


I'm careful to say static magnetic fields because rapidly changing fields can induce electrical currents (Faraday's law) that (if strong enough) could fry most delicate electronics. But, as long as you don't have a vibrating magnet :smileywink:, you should be fine. So, keep the Nook out of MRI machines :smileytongue: and don't stray too close to a pulsar :smileyvery-happy:. Basically, anywhere you've safely stored other electronics like cellphones should be safe enough for the Nook.


The reason magnets were bad for older storage media wasn't because they harmed the electronics. Since hard drives store data as tiny magnetic domains flipped up or down (1 or 0), a strong magnet could simply flip everything one way - thus erasing the data. In most cases, the disk can be easily reused (but your data's gone). Since even the system memory in the Nook is a common SD card (again, flash memory) hard wired in, it's reasonably safe from magnets.


On a slightly related note, I wonder what sort of electric field strengths it would take to mess up the Nook's display. Reading under a tree in a lightning storm? Under a high tension power line? (The display is set by passing electric fields along the plane of the "paper" to re-orient the e-ink "particles").

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Re: Do magnets hurt the Nook?

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Most of the magnetic closures on handbags are not strong enough to do any damage to electronics, or no one would put their smartphones and iPods in the bags.



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Re: Do magnets hurt the Nook?

Assuming the SD card inside nook uses your regular old flash non-volatile memory (which it should) it is perfectly safe from magnets.