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Downloading Update???

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Edit: It now appears that the update is ready through regular channels. Go get it!!



I'm not sure what the file is really but I just checked the link below and something is now downloading. It had been blocked until a few minutes ago.


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Re: Downloading Update???

It looks like the Nook Faq and Support page Software Update section has been updated to 1.3. So, it looks like it's official now.

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Re: Downloading Update???


I just downloaded and installed the update via wifi hotspot- so far works great seems the have sped up page turning and improved the touchscreen.

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Re: Downloading Update???

Downloading now.  It made sense that it was 1.3 and not 1.4, since the last update was 1.2.  I will say this - B&N should appreciate this community and scan it often to see what its nook users want, need and are complaining about.  With that being said, it is addicting and takes time away from my JOB but constantly scanning to see when the update(s) are released.


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Re: Downloading Update???

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Re: Downloading Update???

Is it better to download directly to your nook or to sideload it via your computer? I saw one report from an early bootlegged copy user, who sideloaded, that it disabled his wireless settings and he had to mess with his wireless router.

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Re: Downloading Update???

There were no "bootlegged" copies.  It was just a server glitch that allowed access to the copy early.

Regarding wi-fi, I downloaded my update last night and my wi-fi worked just fine even with my WEP codes.

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