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HOW to decide which nook you should own

ok coming from a bookseller AND a nook owner a good checklist to know which one to buy, sell keep trade in etc....

do you read...

   everything!books to magazines and kids stuff-----nookcolor

   just books please---nook 1st edition or nook simple touch

   maybe some newspapers and articles in mags (but i dont care about the pics)--nook 1st or nook simpletouch


do you multitask or want something that does more?

   YES!i do everything games web email music movies i need it all!--nookcolor

    well maybe just check my email or facebook status but mostly read--nook 1st edition

    i might like to play chess or sudoku--nook 1st

    i like to have music or audio files--nook 1st gen

    no i just want to read--nook simple touch


do you want to lend books? trick question these ALL do it

BUT do you want to see your friends recommends? maybe tweet your current read?

    YES---then nookcolor or nook simple touch


are you tech savy or does anything electronic scare you?

   tech genius!-nookcolor well actually any of them

   umm it scares me--nook SIMPLE touch...its called simple for a reason this baby was made for you!


i want a tablet---nookcolor

i LOVE LOVE the look and feel of BOOKS!--nook 1st gen and nook simple EINK screens oh yeah!

i want to read in the dark no booklight-nookcolor

i want to show people my artwork, my movie my new band music--nookcolor(pic gallery in color mp4 movie or youtube) and audio

i am OBSESSED with angry birds--nookcolor :smileywink:

my grandpa loves reading doesnt really own computer can't see well....nook simple touch



hope this helps you decide to keep your current nook or sell on ebay to buy new one or to help you lock down which one you want....and i know lots of people with both color and one of the eink CAN have 5 or 6 nooks on one account they share library and all.




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Re: HOW to decide which nook you should own

You're bad I have the nook color and ng13g and I feel guilty over that esp.. Since I'm eyeing the the simple touch going that's nice.Nice, maybe my Mom meaning me should go check out the new nook it might be easier to use for her (she has the n1g) and my son uses my n1g3g but I am liking what I'm hearing about the new one and I wanna play meaning buy the new one LOL. I'm not one of those that needs the newest gadget but where nook is concerned I'm getting that way.