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Re: Help?! 2 weeks, 4 calls and an email to Customer Service with NO results.

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There are Hummel's and there are Kimmel's ......


"This item is a Vintage FRANKLIN HEIRLOOM "Original Lorraine Kimmel" Porcelain Collectors Doll On Stand, Includes Original Box."


edited:  Other Kimmel Limoges type - 


"This beautiful Limoges Ferner is as close to mint condition as you can get. It is a gorgeous Delinieres mold - a fine company. The nicely scalloped body is supported by 4 lovely outwardly curving ornate feet. This beauty is painted and signed by known artist Kimmel - I have seen a lot of his work; he was probably associated with some of the American decorating studios. The quality of china painting is superb, with "Bischoff" style Rose clusters surrounded by excellently painted leaves and fernery and accented with Blue Forget Me Nots. The Roses surround the body of the Ferner. The scalloped rim and Rococo feet are painted in outstanding old Roman Gold - which still gleams like the day it was fired"


Forgot there was that other fellow Kimmel slinging clay as well.


Hummel is better known - however there is the lesser known Kimmel (Franklin Mint) - also cheaper than a true Hummel or for that matter real "Blue Willow" ware. 


The Limoges Kimmel is probably more expensive than the Franklin type - but all in all, they all gather dust.


Ex-Mother-In-Law education - note the operative word - "Ex".


May I please keep my colander - it is quite handy when the porcelain is flying... :smileyhappy:

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Re: Help?! 2 weeks, 4 calls and an email to Customer Service with NO results.

You may keep your Colander... :smileyhappy:

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Re: Help?! 2 weeks, 4 calls and an email to Customer Service with NO results.


tophatHK wrote:

I purchased nook color on Saturday It is now Wednesday I still cannot get it registered.B&N has the worst customer service reps I have ever encountered.Aside from not being able to understand the accent do, not try to talk to a supervisor .The wait is at least 20 minutes.If you ask for an American rep you become a pariah They are supposed to connect to an American as soon as possible I had one rep refuse to give me his I.D.These people are programmed to do it one way,They all do it the same way It does not matter that it does not work.After  5 days I am returning my 250 dollar piece of crap and buying a Kimmel.Iam also telling everone what a lousy system B&N has Word of mouth is a powerful tool

Hey, troll:  enjoy your "Kimmel" ... and... bye!!


"A bookstore is one of the only pieces of evidence we have that people are still thinking" [Jerry Seinfeld]
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Re: Help?! 2 weeks, 4 calls and an email to Customer Service with NO results.

It seems help is not in the B&N policy. I bought a Nook in Feb of 2010 and the forward buttons cracked. Contacted B&N and they said send it back. So I did that was on the 12th of Nov. 2010 and I'm still waiting for them to return a refurbed one or the one I sent them back to me. I have spent 12 hrs of my life and since I was out of the country over the holidays I called CS using a calling card (approx. $80) and still nothing. It's going on two and a half months with no results or no Nook. I have talked to several CR and still nothing. I am so dissappointed in B&N I could scream. I have tried everything e-mail, phone calls talking to supervisors nothing. It's know wonder the company has been for sale it's impossible to get any type of help from CS.