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I am thinking about purchasing a Nook, but.....

I am thinking about purchasing a Nook, but I want to know if it's really worth the money? Also, can you download textbooks onto the Nook?

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Re: I am thinking about purchasing a Nook, but.....

Not to be disrespectful, but you should really search the forums and do some reading before posting. This topic has been covered a zillion times.

Many of the posters here absolutely love their nooks. (I'm one of them!) The ease of download, ability to purchase books from other sources, intuitive response, and many other reasons make the nook a great e-reader. 

Do your homework and be sure before you make such a big purchase. I think you'll be happy with the nook.

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Re: I am thinking about purchasing a Nook, but.....

To the first question, "is it really worth the money"'s hard to quantify that.  Are you an avid reader? I've read maybe 20+ books since I received my Nook back in December, so in that context having an ereader is definitely a good investment for me.  If you're just a casual reader, maybe one book a month or every few months...I don't know if I can reasonably say it's worth it for you.


As to the second, can you download textbooks - you'd have to see if the specific textbooks you're interested in are 1) available in ebook format (not all are) and 2) if they're available in a DRM-free format or from a DRM'd specific retailer (Amazon, B&N, Sony)  If they do have a DRM, then you may not be able to read it on the Nook if it's from, say, Amazon.


This probably isn't the answer you want to hear, but you'll need to do a little research on the books you're interested in to decide if you should buy ANY ereader.  :robotsad:

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Re: I am thinking about purchasing a Nook, but.....

I lurked on the boards for both the Nook and the Kindle for several weeks before I finally bought my Nook.


I believe there are some forms of textbooks currently available but don't quote me on that. I know I would be thrilled (as a law student) to have them as ebooks and not as the beasts that they are!


As for will you really use it? I have been reading more (non-required reading) now than I have in ages and I find reading a whole new relaxing experience... I look forward to sitting down with whatever book is my book of the moment.


But it does help to just browse around the board... it really helped me answer questions I did not even know I had! 

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Re: I am thinking about purchasing a Nook, but.....

Whether or not the nook is worth the money is a personal decision. For me, its definitely been worth the money. Since purchasing my nook (Nov. 30th pre-order) I've accumulated a good sized library of ebooks that I'd have had no hope of keeping in physical book form. I have found that having the nook has made it easier for me to read and take with me to appointments, etc. where I can expect a wait time (now I find I'm not having to wait long enough.) :smileyvery-happy:


I love my nook and especially love the fact that if I find I'm not in the mood to read the book I currently have open, I can always choose another from the selection I have loaded on my nook, without having to carry numerous physical books.


Now, I'm not going to tell you that owning a nook won't have its challenges...if you've read any of the support page posts, you'll see that people have had problems with the nook. Its still very new and though I and others have had virtually no problems with the device, there have been some very real problems with some nooks. With that said, its worth is still very dependent on what your needs/wants are and how well it will/will not address them.


Read the users manual (which can be found here ) and do some research and good luck with your decision :smileyvery-happy:

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Re: I am thinking about purchasing a Nook, but.....

My nook has definitely been worth the money.  To me.  I bought it in store on February 16th and am reading my 14th book on it.  Whether it's worth the money to you depends on your own needs.  No one can answer that for you.


Most of my textbooks are eBooks in PDF format.  The nook has a native PDF reader built into it, but it doesn't do me much good.  ALL of my textbooks require a password to open, and the nook doesn't work with password protected files.

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Re: I am thinking about purchasing a Nook, but.....

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I love my nook, but no one but you can answer if a nook is right for you.  About textbooks, you might do a search on the web for textbooks in ebook format to find out what all is out there.  You might check out or, but make sure to find out what format the books you buy are in-epub or pdb are best, pdf's are troubling with ereaders because if you need to change font size they don't reflow very well and look messed up.  But, if they are not secure, drm'ed files you may be able to convert them with a program called Calibre. 


Another thing to check is to see if your library has any of the textbooks in ebook format because that may be possible for nook, but only thing is they are usually lent for only about 2 weeks.


It may also depend on the textbooks you are using as to how practical it is to have them for an ereading device.  If they have a lot of illustrations and charts and what have you, the grayscale eink devices may not be your best choice for those specifically.


Personally, my nook is very easy to use, I have many books from different sources and in different formats on it.  I have my own personal wallpaper and screensavers and have mp3s on it and I love reading on it.  The touchscreen makes page turning easy and it goes away when I don't want to look at it, but just want to read.  If I ever need to change the battery, it's easy as is adding on more space for more books.



The other thing some etextbook sites say you can do with their textbooks is print them, so it is possible to use a program called pdfcreator or cutepdf which would act like a printer, but which saves as a pdf file and then use Calibre to convert to epub or pdb.  This is one suggestion if in ebook format a book is drm'ed and can't intitally be used with whatever device you buy-kindle, nook, sony, whatever.

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