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Interest in a Nook podcast/blog?

Hello Nook world! If you're like me, you've noticed that there are plenty of blogs about the Nook if you're willing to hunt for them, but most of them seem to have lost steam a while back. There's plenty of good conversations going on here in the forums, but no (or few) website for the Nook community, by the Nook community. The tech websites that stick around have communities of volunteer (or paid) contributors, like,,, CNET, etc. I'd like to follow their lead and start a Nook-centric podcast and/or blog that reports on news relevant to the Nook (for instance, what the Kindle Fire means for the Nook Color, or the rumors of 2 new Nooks slated for October, or the recent acquisitoin of by BN), reviewing Nooks & apps, keeping relevant info for N1E fans (just because BN has abandoned the device dosen't mean the Nook community has), providing tips & tricks, conversations about DRM vs the open standards of epub, the ethics and how to's of rooting & hacking. These are the ideas I thought of in just the last few minutes. I'm sure we can think of many others if we put our heads together.


This could be a blog, but even more interesting (and needed, I think) is a podcast. There are some podcasts about ereaders in general, on Kindle specifically, and maybe some others I don't know about. It could be video or audio, and we could have cohosts discussing and recording from around the world. We could do interviews with Nook luminaries & innovators, or just plain geeks and end users from the community, report news, give opinions about the news & reviews of Nooks. I think it would be best if we wouldn't stick with just one Nook model but bring all them into the conversation.


What do you think? Is this something you could contribute your voice and/or tech expertise to? I so want to do this but don't feel like I have the time to do it all myself, and it's always more fun with other people who share your passions.