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Re: Is eyestrain really an issue with LCD screens?

I can spend hours on the Internet without problems, but if I read a book on my computer, my eyes bother me.  I have had no problem reading with the nook.  Perhaps the difference is the constant movement while I am on the internet and reading short articles and blogs. I also confess that I have old-lady-eyes.

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Re: Is eyestrain really an issue with LCD screens?

I've been experimenting with some display settings on my computer and it appears you can reduce eye strain quite a bit.


Also, if I remember correctly, high resolution screens reduce eye strain because the image is smoother.

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Re: Is eyestrain really an issue with LCD screens?

Yeah - I surf the internet plenty, and stare at a computer screen without too much trouble, but if I have to do "serious" reading, I need to print out what I'm doing (or read on my nook, which gives me the same effect).


When I was working as a lawyer, I could spend a good portion of my time reading and writing on the computer, but there were days that I just couldn't look at a computer monitor anymore.  The "endless page" of a computer screen would also cause me to repeat things much more often when I was reading complex legal documents, and don't even get me started on editing/marking up documents - MUCH easier to do on a hard copy.  


I think different devices (including old-school paper) serve different purposes and there's no reason why people shouldn't use what is best for them in any given situation.  There is no "objectively" better option.  The only "better" that matters is what is better for you.  


Heck, when I was in law school a dozen years ago, I was one of only a few people in class who would type my notes (now everyone does it), because I type faster than I write, but I can't even imagine not using e-textbooks over hardback legal textbooks - my textbook margins are just FILLED with briefing notes, and the text is highlighted in 4 different colors.  and the post-it tabs! everywhere!  I just can't imagine replicating that in an e-book.  

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Re: Is eyestrain really an issue with LCD screens?


aditya wrote:

It is - to an extent - psychosomatic (people are used to older CRT-based screens hurting their eyes and they "know in their gut" that the LCD screens do too).


Having said that, the primary reason LCD screens cause strain is because they are frequently misused by not having a proper light source while viewing them. People use the screen's backlight as their primary light source (reading in the dark for example - I was a big offender in this sense). E-ink forces you to have proper lighting (since there's no backlight) and saves you some eye strain.

Ouch.  I can't read on a backlit screen for long, and I never use it as the primary light source in a dark room.  I have to turn on a light.