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It's my Nook anniversary!

I got my Nook 2 years ago today, when they were still way over $200. I used a couple of years of Christmas and birhtday money and got it and a cover.

It's still going strong after two years! It's still my favorite device to read on. In the 2 years I've inherited a Kindle DX, which I gave to my Mom, bought a Kindle Fire and an iPad. As my daughter says, I have more ereading devices than I have children. I admit, I do like my gadgets.


The progress in devices over the last 2 years is amazing. And I don't intend to sell, trade, or get rid of my Nook until it takes its last breath, LOL.



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Re: It's my Nook anniversary!

I'll have had my N1E for a year this April. I'm not getting rid of this thing anytime soon, either. Hooray for cellular data access!

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Re: It's my Nook anniversary!

Me too, although its been on the shelf for at least six months. Glad I read this, maybe I'll get it down for some reading.
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Re: It's my Nook anniversary!

It just dawned on me that mine is also two years old today.

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Re: It's my Nook anniversary!

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Happy Birthday to your Nook 1st Edition.  Enjoy your devices and enjoy your readings.

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Re: It's my Nook anniversary!

Happy Aniversary, mine was in January (though only 1 year old, not two):smileylol:  I love my Nook1E too...I even have a wonderful Oberon cover for it which makes me LOVE reading off it.  My Nook is still my prefered device in full light conditionsd (we also have the Nook Tablet which is better for lower light conditions and magazine).  I really like the design even better than the NST, because well, I like that LCD colour screen :smileyvery-happy:

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Re: It's my Nook anniversary!

Shouldn't the proper word be "Nookiversary"? :smileyvery-happy: Congratulations!

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Re: It's my Nook anniversary!

No, a nookiversary would be how long it's been since I ...


Never mind.

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Re: It's my Nook anniversary!

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Same here~

Next month is my 2nd year anniversary of my N1E. I read on it every day and it's still going strong. I tried the NST when they had the black friday specials, and although it was nice, I couldn't get it to connect to wifi after the initial set-up, so I returned it and haven't strayed from my N1E since. The 3g still works great and never a problem connecting to wifi. LCD touch screen still works flawlessly. A little worried about being able to find a battery replacement when my battery finally gives out, but I guess I could always just plug it in and read on it that way, although I would be tethered to one spot. Now that's love!

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Re: It's my Nook anniversary!

I will hit the 1 year point on May 18th.  I LOVE my Nook 1E.  I have so much reading to do now.  I have found so many free or inexpensive titles and I love the forum here.


Thanks to all who contribute! :smileyhappy: