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Korean e-books

Does anyone know where I can get korean ebooks? I would like free (who doesnt), but any general place where I can get them would be appreciated. I have had my Nook for quite awhile and I want to get some books for my mom. I have a Nook 1st Edition

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Re: Korean e-books

I'm sorry. I don't know much about Nook 1st Ed. 


But with Nook Simple Touch, I know there're ways you can read Korean books.

If you already have Korean book files, you can convert them so that Korean characters show properly on Nook Simple Touch (WITHOUT rooting).


But if you don't, then, you need to root Nook Simple Touch, and install an app called Bookcube.

Throught this app, you can access Ebook libraries in Korea and borrow books. (but only for 5 days.... but you can extend the period or borrow it again).


If you want to see how this works, please see this post from another blog that I visit:  (


Also, once rooted, I believe you can download another type of app through which you can purchase 

Korean books from one of the biggest bookstores in Korea (Kyobo) & read them on Nook Simple Touch. Since I haven't personally tried this, I can't tell you how. But you may visit & go to Nook section.

People in Korea are doing wonderful things with Nook Simple Touch.