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Lending books

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I recently joined a website that allows you to lend Nook books with other users.


When I went to lend a book, I noticed that B&N includes my full name in the request. I would rather not have this information available to people I do not know personally. 


Is there anyway to change this so my name isn't included?




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Re: Lending books

If you can't trust them with your full name, you probably shouldn't be lending to them, IMO.


The point of the LendMe feature was to be able (in a way that was very limited by agreements with the publishers) to lend items to actual friends and family. Not a cohort of internet strangers.


That's why, especially once Amazon introduced a similar program, most of the major publishers opted out of LendMe. Partially their own greed, but partly such not-in-the-spirit-of-the-program behavior from consumers.